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Welcome to the Wish Paris showroom! Come alone or bring your BFF or loved ones for – in the words of my clients – the most amazing shopping experience!

I try to do everything I can to create a delightful and unique shopping experience; one that you will always remember. It is my joy that my demanding, sharp and passionate clients have always been able to find the coolest and trendiest pieces of the season, right here. 

Jewelry opens new perspectives; it makes you want to redo your makeup, reinvent your wardrobe, and wear your clothes differently. So get ready to make some changes!

Come to the showroom with a V-necked shirt or dress so that I can help you match the jewelry to your skin tone. Feel free to bring your everyday pieces or your family jewels, and we will take the time to update them so that you have fun wearing them.

I love to explain how to mix and match new jewels with your existing ones. I will open you to new perspectives, and you will learn how to stack, have fun and create a new style!

The showroom could be the perfect place to surprise your beloved. Just imagine bringing your loved one here for her birthday and letting her choose her present! You can give me your budget earlier on and I can help her find the perfect jewel. Wouldn’t that make a great memory?

Before coming, you can answer these questions, which will help me prepare for your visit:

  • What is her everyday wear?
  • Are you looking for a ring? A bracelet? Earrings? Or a necklace?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, your answers to these questions will help to find it. Just close your eyes, and visualize the lucky one you’re looking to spoil. Now, open your eyes. Ready?

  • What jewels does she wear every day?
  • If it’s a necklace, how long is it? What does the design look like? What about the colour?
  • Are you looking for a ring? A bracelet? Earrings? Or a necklace?
  • Does she have pierced ears?
  • Is she wearing an engagement ring? Do you know her size? If not, please refer to the size guide.

And, please feel free to send me a few pictures to understand her style.

If you are not in Singapore, I would love to plan a virtual visit for you. Imagine the luxury of viewing all the collections from the convenience of your own home!

Do you need some styling advice? 
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