Terms of Sales

All website orders are subjected to the following terms and conditions. Terms and conditions might be updated to remain in compliance with local legal regulations; therefore, we reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions over the time.

1. The Vendor

The below terms and conditions apply to Wish Paris Pte Ltd, here after “the company”. Head office is located : 261 Waterloo Street #03-06 Waterloo Centre – 180261- Singapore

UEN : 201932880C

E-mail: hello@wishparisjewellery.com 

Phone number : + 65 850 848 38

2. Purpose

The below terms and conditions (here after the “terms and conditions”) are exclusively ruling sales initiated from the website www.wishparisjewellery.com (here after “the website”) for Wish Paris items offered on line to buyers seen as consumers (here after the “customers”). They explain in details the conditions of order, payment, delivery and after- sales service.

Terms and conditions apply to the customer who acknowledges their content and accept them by ticking the box “I accept the present terms and conditions” prior to each order. 

The company may change terms and conditions anytime. If terms and conditions were to change between order and delivery date, the ones applicable would be the ones at the order date.

3. Customers

Wish Paris products (here after “the products”) are exclusively sellable to final buyers. Retailers or intermediaries working for retailers cannot buy from the website. Consequently, customers confirm that they are final buyers and have no intention and interest in re-selling Wish Paris  products in a commercial way.

When creating their account, information provided by the customers must be accurate and up-to-date at all times. Wish Paris reserves the right not to proceed with any orders which would not be compliant with the above commercial policy, or with any orders initiated from customers not clearly identified as consumers.

4. Products

4.1 Products description

Sellable items are the items visible on-line by the customer while browsing through the website. 

Pictures from the website may differ from the actual color of the stones; this may be caused by computer screen lighting, or photo-shooting lighting.

Wish Paris products are entirely handcrafted and made of natural materials. This may cause small irregularities in shapes, colors and the finish of a good might differ from the one to another. This is inherent to craftsmanship, and cannot be considered as a flaw. The responsibility of the company cannot be engaged to that aim, and this cannot affect the validity of confirmed orders. This can not be considered as a defect for non conformity return policy.

4.2 Pricing

Prices indicated on the website are in SGD. Each item and reference has its own price. Delivery fees are not included in the indicated price, and will remain additional to the sales price.

Orders to be delivered out of Singapore may be subjected to foreign local tax, custom clearance fees, and any type of taxes and duties of the delivery country. Payment of such taxes remains solely at the customer charge. We advise our customers to check with local authorities while requesting a foreign delivery.

5. Orders and Pre-orders

No order from the website will be validated without accepting the terms and conditions. Therefore, each validated order means that terms and conditions, prices and products have been validated by the customer.

The website allows to pre-order some pieces from the collection. Down-payments received in confirmation of pre-orders are firm and non-refundable to customers. Lead-time for pre-orders can vary from 10 days to a few weeks depending on the availability of the jewellery.

Orders are definitive once full payment (including delivery charges if any) has been processed and validated. Before processing the payment, customers must check their order and the final sale amount. It is the customers’ responsibility to correct potential mistakes. 

Once the order is confirmed, customers will receive a confirmation email.

The company reserves the right to refuse your order if we are unable to obtain payment, or otherwise at the our discretion. The company will be the sole judge when declining orders.

6. Methods of payment

Payment for orders placed via our online store can be done via Stripe/account or payment by card

The “Company” accepts payments in SGD only. For foreign bank accounts, foreign exchange fees, as well as bank fees for wire transfers will not be supported by the” Company”.

7. Delivery and delivery lead-time

The possibility exists that the pieces may not be in stock by the time customers are placing their orders. In such cases, customers will be informed that the purchased piece will be delivered as soon as possible. We thank you for your understanding and will do our maximum to shorten the delivery time in order to give you full satisfaction. We invite you to contact our customer service should you have any questions about availability or lead-time.

In compliance to the “Company” terms and conditions, products will be sent to the shipping address indicated by the customer when entering his order on line.

For in stock items, all orders placed and validated before 2 pm local time (GMT+1), from Monday to Friday (holidays excluded) will be prepared and shipped within 3 days.

For pre-order items, shipping lead-time is estimated to be between 10 days and 6 weeks.

Shipping time is approximate, and under the responsibility of the carrier companies.

Items damaged or lost after delivery : without limiting the operation of any other Terms and Conditions herein, we will not accept liability for any loss or damage arising from items lost, stolen or damaged after delivery has taken place.

8. Gift-Card

The Wish Paris Gift Card is redeemable online at www.wishparisjewellery.com or at the showroom.  They are non refundable and cannot be transferred, exchanged, resold,  redeemed for cash or use to buy another Wish Paris Gift Card. Gift cards  can be used for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Wish Paris Gift Card can only be used to make purchases up to initial Wish Paris Gift Card amount or the remaining balance. If your purchase exceeds the balance on Wish Paris Gift Card you must pay the excess using another payment method.

Goods purchased using Wish Paris Gift Card are subject to our exchange policy. Where you are eligible for a refund, to the extent that you paid for the goods using Wish Paris Gift Card you will be refunded with a new Wish Paris Gift Card.

The company will not be responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.


The guarantee will only be effective with the purchase bill, and will not apply in case of lost, bad uses, neglect of care or normal deterioration of the article.

Your jewelry is guaranteed for 3 months  for any defect on the fabrication.

Past Wish Paris will try and do the maximum to satisfy you by offering, based on a quote, the restoration of your jewelry.

Beyond  the guarantee’s validity, all of our designers offer a repair service that will be billed according to the damage and will be the subject of a quote in advance.

Before sending the product, we invite you to send an email to hello@wishparisjewellery.com, with the customer service form and the picture of the jewel along with its purchase bill.

9. Non-Conformity product

Customers dispose of a 3 months period to claim for non-conformity or a defect. This 3 months period runs from the delivery day. In case of a damaged product, the Company will offer a repair or a product replacement. However, you will be responsible for round-trip shipping costs.

To be accepted, the defect must deprive the product of its normal use or diminish this use in a consistent way. All product claims for non-conformity are to be made by email to: hello@wishparisjewellery.com

If a product has been delivered non-conform to an order, it can be shipped back to the seller who will proceed to a product exchange. If the company is in the impossibility of exchanging the product (outdated, or discontinued product), customer will be refund. Fees generated by the return process for non-conformity are at the company’s expense. Customer must inform the Company of any mistake caused by the company within 48 hours after product reception. No refund will be made if the withdrawal right has not been used accordingly. 

Past the guarantee’s validity, the Company will do the maximum to satisfy you by offering, based on a quote, the restoration of your product.

Once we look at the piece, we will determine what course of action to take. This usually means it is sent back to the studio of the artist who originally made it so it can be repaired to their specifications. This process may take 2-8 weeks and may have an associated charge assigned by the artist. If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@wishparisjewellery.com – we are here and eager to help.

10. Copyright

All informations, pictures, designs, renderings of all types, as well as any type of content displayed on the website www.wishparisjewellery.com are sole property of Wish Paris. Consequently, they cannot be reproduced or used in any ways without the express authorization of the Company.

11. Personal data

The Company informs the customers that all personal data left on the website is processed through automatic data software and can be used several times to that aim.

The personal data collected on the website is necessary to process orders. Data can be used as well for prospective matters by the Company. Personal data collected by the Company is restricted to internal use only. Customers’ personal data is kept by the company for a limited amount of time, strictly related to the company needs.

Customers can access, modify, and deny the use of their personal data at any times through the following e-mail address: hello@wishparisjewellery.com

12. Litigation and law

All sales contracted through the website www.wishparisjewellery.com are submitted to Singapourian Law. In case of a dispute, amicable settlement will be considered prior to any legal action. Failing this, all litigation case related to the current contract application (validity, understanding, performing, cancellation), consequences and results will be handled by the dedicated court in compliance with common law competency rules.