Surya Mudra Garnet Charm


Available by pre-order only

This piece is a victim of its own success. Pre-order is available. Be sure to wear it as soon as it arrives!


Material : Gold plated silver 2 microns
Stone: Garnet
Openable ring size 8×7 mm – can be worn with any chain
Height : 27 mm + claps

Aurelie's advice

When jewellery with meaning meet delicacy.

Used by yogis for more than 3000 years, the mudra is a symbolic hand gesture, by stimulating the fingers with light pressure, it influences the mind and body positively. This magical form of sign language brings well being. Surya means «sun» in Sanskrit. It will always help to ignite your inner fire, getting you moving towards your goals. The Surya Mudra increases heat in the body, reducing sluggishness, mental fogginess and depression. It is also known to improve the metabolism and promote weight loss.

The chain is sold separately. Choose yours short ( Mala freshwater pearl, necklace Lotus) or long ( Sautoir Margot, Salee). Or both !

Layered on the pictures with : Vintage ChainPadma Sautoir,

So many option, get yours soon and make your look unique.

The french designer Dorothée Sausset creates symbolic jewellery for the soul by following the principles of Vastu Shastra. This Hindu belief is designed to create a symbiosis of nature, environment, architecture, and conscience. Inspired by yoga, this philosophy has an influence on the role of sacred jewellery in her creations. Each piece is made with her highest intentions. Sophisticated and protective, each piece of jewellery is the bond between the body and the soul like a link in the chain.

To preserve your jewellery’s shine for a long time, avoid contact with water, perfume, cosmetics and chemical products. Please check our jewellery care instructions for more.

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