Safra Adjustable Gemstone Ring Labradorite And Strawberry Quartz


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Color: Labradorite and Strawberry Quartz
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Size of the stone: 1cm
Size: Adjustable
Plating: 18K Gold
Material: Gold-plated brass
Natural and semi-precious gemstones: Labradorite and strawberry quartz
Designed in France

Aurelie's advice

Wear the Safra Ring solo for a charming look. Or, stack it with other rings for a more complex style. In either case, it’s a must-have piece for your daily wear. Which stones will you choose to adorn your fingers?
I don’t recommend this model if you have slender fingers.

The Safra Adjustable Gemstone Ring bears a combination of labradorite and strawberry quartz. It is delicately crafted with a unique open design for a subtle and precious effect.
Our adjustable rings fit everyone, so you can buy/offer them without any doubt. However, being adjustable, their shape may change. Don’t squeeze it when you try it on at home. We reserve the right to refuse a return, if the product is damaged or modified.

I recommend that you pass the ring through your finger delicately. If you need to adjust to your finger, open and close the ring slightly, to avoid weakening it in the center.
The quality of a piece of jewellery rests on its craftsmanship, its details as well as the quality of gold-plating and gemstones. Our gold-plating has been tested – we use advanced German techniques to ensure a superior finish.
You can wear this jewellery every day, and it won’t tarnish. However, after some time, the plating will become less saturated and shiny as compared to a new piece. To retain your jewellery’s shine for a long time, please check our jewellery care instructions.

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