Necklace Oval Medallion Gold Grey (Mls 701 Gold Grey)


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Color: Gold Grey
  • necklace oval medallion gold grey mls 701 gold grey wish paris jewellery
  • necklace oval medallion silver white mls 701 silver white wish paris jewellery


Length: 38cm + free size 3cm
Material: Sterling silver 925, gold finishing and silk yarn (100% natural silk)
Designed in France

Aurelie's advice

I love the line of this necklace. It goes delicately down the neckline. It’s unique, and everyone who’s tried it on and adopted it! Choose your finishing and be the star in this very special piece!
If you have a warm skin tone, go for Ruthenium gold or gold grey. For cool skin tones, I recommend the bright silver white. And if you have neutral skin tones, you can experiment to see what suits you best. I suggest that you mix it with the 5 Marquise necklace,  a Sangha necklace, a Nala necklace, a Lima Necklace.

Marie Laure Chamorel is driven by a desire to give each piece of jewellery its own unique spirit. Her inspiration goes beyond the boundaries of the pre-established fashions. She seeks out vintage pearls, ribbons, and old lace. These basic elements undergo a transformation, blending couture and jewellery, as she enriches them with hand embroidery and wraps pearls in turbans of muslin, silk and leather. The collection is made up of long sautoir necklaces and manchette cuff bracelets. Marie Laure Chamorel’s jewellery embodies the latest in artisanal luxury, a love for the hand-made.

To preserve the shine of your jewellery from the wear of time, you need to avoid contact with water, perfume, cosmetics and chemical products. Make sure that you store your jewellery individually, away from light and friction, in the pouch that we gave you.
Please check our jewellery care instructions for more.

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