Long Vintage Ladder Scarf Necklace Antique Gold (Zc013)


Available by pre-order only

This piece is a victim of its own success. Pre-order is available. Be sure to wear it as soon as it arrives!


No clasps – Adjustable
Length: 165cm
Material: Antique gold brass finishing chain, vintage ribbon
Designed in France

Aurelie's advice

My job is to bring you my passion for jewellery. You would probably not pick up this piece, because of conventional notions. You never try this type, so you don’t like it. But I’m telling you that this one is a MASTERPIECE.
This limited edition statement necklace with its intricate embroidery is perfect for any look. It’s a personal favourite.
The difference between this and the Vintage Ladder Scarf Necklace Antique Gold is the lace, and the length.
This creative necklace will look stunning on you!

Marie Laure Chamorel is driven by a desire to give each piece of jewellery its own unique spirit. Her inspiration goes beyond the boundaries of the pre-established fashions. She seeks out vintage pearls, ribbons, and old lace. These basic elements undergo a transformation, blending couture and jewellery, as she enriches them with hand embroidery and wraps pearls in turbans of muslin, silk and leather. The collection is made up of long sautoir necklaces and manchette cuff bracelets. Marie Laure Chamorel’s jewellery embodies the latest in artisanal luxury, a love for the hand-made.

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