Bonnie Bead Necklace Beer Quartz Moss Aquamarine Pyrite


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Length: 39 cm
Natural and semi-precious gemstones: beer quartz, moss aquamarine, pyrite, zircons and 5 microns gold-plated brass beads
Pendant : moss aquamarine
Handmade in Italy

Aurelie's advice

No doubts, no hesitation – just close your eyes and go for it.
It will spice up your outfit for sure !

Here’s a tip – adding a bead necklace to your layering will highlight your other necklaces. It’s the mix of materials, chains and styles that makes stacking so interesting.
Trust me, beaded necklaces make all the difference! They are the ones which bring all the dynamics and energy to the other necklaces.
Pick yours, and I swear, you will be addicted, like me, and like all my clients who have tried them on!

The Bonnie Bead Choker Necklace bears beer quartz, moss aquamarine and pyrite. Each beaded necklace is unique and entirely hand made by Italian craftswomen; little Sicilian hands that make jewellery with passion. It’s an alliance of two styles. Roots and comfort materials for the oiled/macrame thread base and the golden, bell button clasp. And precious materials such as 5 microns gold-plated brass with precious and semi-precious stones. This range is definitely glamourous and chic.

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