Bali Gemstone Cuff Turquoise


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Color: Turquoise
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  • bali gemstone cuff turquoise wish paris jewellery


Size of the stone: 0,7mn
Size: Adjustable
Plating: 18K gold
Material: Gold-plated brass
Natural and semi-precious gemstones: Turquoise
Designed in France

Aurelie's advice

A lovely wardrobe staple, it is thin and delicate. I wear this open bracelet every day. It adds a great touch of colour to my outfit!

The Bali Gemstone Cuff is adorned with a turquoise. It derives its name from the Indonesian island of Bali, also known as the Land of the Gods, which is strongly influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures. This cuff will bring you opportunities for sure.

I recommend that you slide on the bracelet delicately through the most narrow part of your wrist to avoid weakening it in the center. Ensure that you don’t pull the bracelet ends apart too often, as it could break in the middle.
The quality of a piece of jewellery rests on its craftsmanship, its details as well as the quality of gold-plating and gemstones. Our gold-plating has been tested – we use advanced German techniques to ensure a superior finish.
You can wear this jewellery every day, and it won’t tarnish. However, after some time, the plating will become less saturated and shiny as compared to a new piece. To retain your jewellery’s shine for a long time, please check our jewellery care instructions.

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