Jewellery Care Instructions

Your jewellery needs some love. In fact, proper care goes a long way in keeping your pieces looking brand new for a long time.

I don’t just sell jewellery; I also care a lot about the pieces you wear. And I really want them to last as long as possible for you, so that you can enjoy their beauty. So here are some jewellery care tips to help you. Let me begin with the question I hear most often…

Can I shower with my jewellery?

It depends on the type of jewellery.

The brass-plated stone collection

This uses the latest technology from Germany to ensure good quality gold-plating. You can wear them on a daily basis and they won’t tarnish. However, after some time, the plating will become less saturated and shiny as compared to a new piece. Shop all…

The brass collection without stones

You need to avoid contact with water, perfume, cosmetics, chemical products, and sunscreen to preserve their shine from the wear of time. Shop all…

The silver-plated collection

You need to avoid contact with water, perfume, cosmetics, chemical products, and sunscreen to preserve their shine from the wear of time. Silver gets naturally oxidised when exposed to air and humidity. To remove the effects of oxidation and to keep silver shiny, I recommend regular cleaning with a gentle cloth. Shop all…

The beads collections

Practically all the semi-precious stones may be worn in the water – except for white opal. I recommend that you protect the white opal from water and sweat. This is a natural stone and contact with water or sweat can change its original colour.

If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me.

Why can’t you apply perfume or makeup while wearing jewellery?

Because some of the chemicals used in them are not good for jewellery, and can cause certain chemical reactions. I strongly recommend putting your jewellery on when you are primped and ready. Also, take the jewellery off before removing your makeup and cleaning your face.

Can I exercise while wearing jewellery?

Try to not wear jewellery when exercising and swimming. This will protect it from shocks and scratches. Sweat and heat are not good for it.

Can I wear the jewellery while sleeping?

Sleeping is a form of exercise as well. You tend to sweat while sleeping too, so it’s best to take off your jewellery before sleeping.

How do I store my jewellery?

Ensure that you place each piece individually, away from light and friction, in the pouches that I gave you. This would prevent shocks and scratches.

Make sure that the chain is fastened to help avoid tangling. By untangling the knots that may form in your chain, you risk weakening the chain which may break more easily.

Are your stones natural in colour?

Handpicked from Jaipur, a city known for the quality of its stones, all of the gemstones are natural, semi-precious and unique. This, of course, means their colour and shape may vary.

They are handcrafted with ancestral skills to protect their purity and features.

Will my gift be wrapped?

Every day, your orders are prepared with the utmost care, because I know how discovering your jewellery for the first time is a precious moment.

Each order is carefully packaged in a Wish Paris pouch, which is scented with a delightful fragrance from My French Concession.

Please contact me if you would like a handwritten personalised card.

Do you need a styling advice?

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