How to spice up my necklace layering?

When it comes to style, layering necklaces is my signature. It adds a dash of style and originality to any outfit. In case you don’t already feel comfortable mixing necklaces, I wrote a crash course just for you on “How to layer necklaces like a pro”. 

Once you master the basics, what’s next? Well… We don’t wear the same outfit every day. It’s the same with jewellery! Because routine is a trap. You know that, right? It’s true for relationships and for fashion. So let’s step out of our comfort zone and forget our automatisms to keep things interesting. Nice, but how do we do that? Fear not: here are my secrets to break your layering routine.

Rule #1: The magic ingredient is… color!

Of course, a totally monochromatic look can be classy. But my secret tip to make your layering sparkle is to add a pop of colour. It’s a treat for the eyes! Colour highlights your skin and boosts any stacking. It’s no coïncidence that Wish Paris offers many colourful options. Vibrant turquoises or multicolor pendants. Pick your splash of colour!

sanja gemstone sautoir necklace green onyx wish paris jewellery

Rule #2: Minimalist is bold.

In our over-complicated lives, there is definitely boldness in simplicity. Juxtaposing minimalist necklaces, like a dainty choker with delicate chains, is an easy way to make a fashion statement without faux pas. To make it louder, just add a chunkier “blinger” layer to this elegant combination.

necklace gold crystal mls 584 gold cristal wish paris jewellery

Rule #3: What do you need today?

With the right jewellery on, we feel beautiful, of course, but also seen, more confident, protected, lucky… So, before stacking, think about what you need today, what you want to express… and choose the pieces according to this feeling. It might be a particular stone for its energy. Or a medaillon for its meaning. Or a sentimental necklace to feel protected by love.

ruthy bead necklace smoky quartz and tourmaline wish paris jewellery

Rule #4: Reuse recycle reduce.

What is good for our mother Earth is also good for you! Check in your drawers before buying anything. You might find some hidden gems, even the missing piece to your stacking of the day! Think about removing your medallions or pendants. You can add them to a new chain or a pearl necklace, for example. It’s an easy way to give a new life to your jewellery.

Rule #5: It’s ok to cheat (sometimes).

Some days are easy and we’ll be inspired, creating fun and daring layerings. Sometimes, we lack time or inspiration to compose a great stack. That’s when a ready-made option comes in handy. Adding an already layered necklace to your jewellery box is a smart move. It will twist your style with no fuss on those busy days. 

And who knows? This effortless solution could also be the basis for an ambitious 5 to 7 layers stack when you’ll be in a creative mood!

tara gemstone necklace black zircons wish paris jewellery

Rule #6: Break the rules

The best thing about layering necklaces is that everything is possible! All the rules are begging to be broken. You’re free! So think out of the box, trust your eye, follow your heart and -most importantly- have fun! I won’t repeat it enough. HAVE FUN!

And please, send me a snap of your best looks or tag them with #wishmix on IG.

In case of doubt… remember that I’m always here for you! I love giving you advice so feel free to contact me. You can also come to my showroom for real life tips. Bring your personal jewels, invite your girlfriends and we’ll have a special workshop to practice.