How to layer necklaces like a pro?

I’m a huge advocate of necklaces layering. Why? Well, first: why not? It’s a fun way to add personality to any look! Plus, it allows you to wear more of the pieces of jewellery you adore every single day. What’s not to like? 

Finding the right combination, the one that catches the eyes is easy! You just need to know a few things. Lucky you, I love sharing my best tips. So follow me to learn how to create your perfect stacks!

Rule #1: Oldies love newbies.

I believe that a new piece of jewellery should never replace an old one. On the contrary! With good stacking, your recent crush can totally enhance your all-time favourite, the sentimental necklace you wear all the time. And revive those forgotten older pieces. You know, the ones that have been quietly sitting in a drawer for years. It’s an easy way to create truly unique layering styles…without breaking the bank!

lili choker neck sitara turquoise sautoir sanja moonstone wish paris jewellery

Rule #2: Play with lengths.

Stacking necklaces with different lengths is essential. It allows each piece to breathe and shine on its own. And together, they say: “Hello world, here I come!”. 

Start with the top necklace. This one is strategic because it will brighten up your face. Then build your look from here, leaving a few centimeters between the pieces. 

Remember: finding the right balance between layers is easier with adjustable necklaces. Good news: most of ours are!

deva bead necklace garnet and tourmaline wish paris jewellery

Rule #3: It’s stylish to mix styles.

Play with contrasts! A vintage necklace with modern pearls or geometric shapes, a shiny gold with some silver, a dainty chain with a chunkier one… It’s a great way to achieve a unique look. And a great trick to reduce tangling. So have fun mixing and matching styles, textures, materials, colors, weights… and even value! 

Psst! You might not have any vintage jewellery. I’ve got your back: some of our necklaces are totally inspired by our grandmothers’ iconic pieces. They will give you a classy classic vibe with a twist!

Rule #4: Be odd.

Well, mathematically, at least. When it comes to deciding how many necklaces you should wear, the only right answer is: as many as you want! But trust me: opting for an odd number is a sure way to keep things interesting. Symmetry might look quite academic and… boring. So go ahead! Your neck is a blank canva waiting to be sublimated. It deserves… all you can wish for!

prune sautoir chain necklace solid gold wish paris jewellery

Rule #5: Your top is part of the deal.

The neckline of what you’re wearing should complete your necklaces, not compete with them. Hey, it’s like in any good relationship! So before layering your jewellery, you should consider the cut of your top. Notice also the pattern, the color, the texture… And adapt your choice to what you’re wearing that day. What works with one outfit won’t work with another. So create! Every day is unique. So is your stacking!

necklace oval medallion ruthenium gold mls 701 ruthenium lurex gold wish paris jewellery

Rule #6: Have fun trying!

Last but not least, HAVE FUN! Like a famous sports brand would say: just do it! Try it on, see how it looks. If it feels good, you win! You’re ready for a good good day!

Don’t worry if you think it’s not perfect! It probably is, actually. And as I always say, you’ll wear it only one day in your life! So relax! You’ll get more inspiration tomorrow! Go on, test new combinations, easy ones, bold ones, crazy ones… Just stack up until you’re happy!

jaipur chain pendant necklace black mother of pearl wish paris jewellery

And please, show it to me! Share your look on IG with #wishmix or send me some snaps.

Remember, I’m always here to help you! Feel free to contact me for advice. We can also organise a special workshop at my showroom. Bring your jewellery box and some girlfriends, we’ll practice together!