How do I select the jewellery for Wish Paris?

I wear jewellery that speaks to my heart. I have a soft spot for versatile and timeless pieces. My selection for Wish Paris follows the same rule! In Paris, I curate pieces with a soul, an extra “je ne sais quoi” that makes them special. And so easy to fall in love with! Once adopted, they’ll add a little French Touch to any layering. 

When it comes to materials, I’m very picky. I only want top quality. Because we deserve the best, of course! And because of the hot and humid climate, killer of cheap jewellery. That’s why Wish Paris only carries gold-plated pieces and semi-precious gemstones. They’re here to last!

I love the stories behind the jewellery I’m wearing. So my heart goes to handcrafted pieces, made in small workshops run by passionate people. For Wish Paris, I’ve selected a few artisanal brands with a strong identity. The kind of confidential addresses you would only share with your best friend. I’m lucky to have forged solid relationships with their amazing designers. I’m a big fan of their talent!

Marie-Laure Chamorel, for example, is truly an artist. For her eponymous brand, she blends vintage pearls, ribbons, laces to create jewellery couture. Her style is unique, delicate and timeless. I love her sautoir necklaces and cuff bracelets, so elegant!  

Julie, from Luj Paris, is probably the quintessential Parisian. In a previous life, she scoured flea markets for the film industry. We can still feel the spirit and energy of treasure hunting in her surprising collections, praised in Vogue Paris and Elle. I adore her joyful and bold necklaces! 

Laura fell in love with semi-precious stones and learned all about them. Her creations for Be Maad respect and enhance the gems in a very unusual, personal way. Her rings and pendants are both classy and spectacular. 

I guess you can feel how much I like the pieces I select for Wish Paris. They’re original, they’re beautiful, they’re bold, they’re chic. They’re infused with the fierce identity of their designers. They’re top quality. Easy to wear. Easy to mix. Together or combined with your sentimental pieces, they will create unlimited combinations. They’re unique. Just like we are!

I’m always on the hunt for new collaborations with talented designers. So stay tuned! More great finds are on their way!