The Art of Giving

My priority is my YOU, and your shopping experience at the showroom, or online. 

I like to advise you, and I like the fact that you can associate a purchase with a good memory. Whether the jewellery is for you or is a gift, I am at your side during the whole buying process if you need, on the phone, through messaging or video call.

Send me pictures with the jewellery you own, and with the jewellery you’d love to see on your loved one. I am attentive to what you wear, to adapt the colours and lengths, and especially, to stick to your style. I like that my clients try out all the pieces they want to – at the showroom or virtually, because this ensures that they will wear, and cherish their new piece of jewellery. I have seen this time and again, and I am very patient with them through their selection.

Out of ideas?

Here are a few questions to help find the perfect gift:
Close your eyes and visualise the lucky one you are planning to spoil. Now open your eyes. Ready?

  • Are you looking for a ring? A bracelet? Earrings? Or a necklace?
  • What jewels does she wear every day?
  • If it’s a necklace, what is the length? The design? The colour?
  • Does she have pierced ears?
  • Is she wearing an engagement ring? Do you know her size? If not, please refer to the size guide.

And, feel free to send me a few pictures to understand her style.

Discovering a Wish Paris jewel for the first time is a precious moment. Each gift will arrive in our exclusive and stunning iconic cotton pouch bearing the Wish Paris logo.

Yes, even if it is a present to yourself, every order is a gift! We prepare your package by hand and send it in a secure and anonymous envelope. Once it arrives, you will be delighted!

Please contact us if you would like a handwritten personalised card for the recipient of the package. If you choose to include a message with your gift, it will have your words, beautifully handwritten on one of our little cards. 

Because every little detail counts, your order is perfumed with Hold Up Place Vendome, a signature scent from My French Concession. If you don’t know what Place Vendôme is, this is the most popular place in Paris where you’ll find the most famous jewellery brands.

Do you need a styling advice?

Contact Aurelie