I’m Aurélie, founder of Wish Paris.

Parisian soul.
I was born and raised in Paris. Needless to say that this city is my never-ending source of inspiration! My childhood playground was my family “boutique”. Everyone was so chic… Perfectly dressed up every single day! I’ve been literally bathed in style and fashion. I guess my love for handicraft comes from here. Today, Wish Paris brings me back to these beloved roots.

Sharp eye.
My first job was in the media, jumping from TV sets to the Cannes Film Festival. Then becoming a mother pushed me to seek less… and more. Less busyness, more meaning: I became a successful family photographer. Like fashion, photography is all about balance, curiosity and attention to details. Three of my strengths, almost built in my DNA! For over 10 years, I revealed the beauty of people’s everyday life. I made my clients happy because I truly saw them. It’s such a gift!

Curious mind.
Moving to Singapore with my family in 2016 was a new adventure. I’m a go-getter, I love challenges! I was excited to reinvent myself. New life, new style! Because style is part of your identity. The right outfit makes you feel strong, sexy, confident… I said “Bye!” to my Parisian fashion panoply. And found new ways to express my casual chic by 30°C. Jewellery became my secret weapon to spice up my equatorial style. I played with necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Layering my timeless pieces with new designer ones became my morning game!

People were complimenting my style. They kept asking me for fashion advice and where I got the jewellery I was mixing. They couldn’t find anything similar in Singapore. It gave me an idea: to curate and import from Paris unique pieces from designer brands I love. Jewellery with a French “je ne sais quoi” you’ll enjoy wearing every day. Unique pieces from designer brands I know. Precious yet affordable. Fashioned but timeless too. Just like that, I popped into the prestigious Boutique Fair. And voilà! Wish Paris was born!

In each of my lives, I’ve used and developed my sense of style, my eye for balance, my obsession for details, my interest in people and my passion for sharing my expertise. All of this is here for you today in Wish Paris.
I genuinely enjoy helping you find a piece of jewellery you’re really going to adopt. I encourage mindful shopping. I’m excited by your challenges. I have fun sharing with you my tips on fashion and layering. I’m always authentic in my advice, patient and friendly. Very often, my clients leave the shop wearing their new crush! This is the best shout-out to my expertise.

Because you’ve asked for it, because I care about you, I’ve created this website as an extension of myself. I’m 100% present in this virtual shop. I’ve designed it to be easy like a conversation with me. I’ve personally selected each piece presented here. I’m the one answering your questions. My unique goal is to bring you the best shopping experience, online like in real life. So make a wish! I’m always here for you.

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